Our 1st post…Journey from Porto to Faro.

So this is it.  We’re off to Portugal for a 3-week cycling trip – flying into Porto and cycling from there to Faro. We’ll look to post our cycling route with highlights along the way, with reviews of places we’ve visited, hotels, food and wine.  We hope you enjoy our blog.

But firstly, what a stressful time getting through Manchester airport that was!  Fist of all we had difficulties in reaching check in – with lifts and queue jumpers to contend with. Then, we had check-in. So, when exactly did they automise the checked baggage area to self-service? As, having two oversized boxes, containing our new bikes (our mode of transport for the next 3 weeks); in addition to our laundry bag (it was the lightest and most roomiest bag to put our pannier bags in!), we found that the luggage labels that are produced from the said self-service machine wouldn’t attach to said luggage!  With an altogether unhelpful member of staff at the ‘baggage handling area’, separate to above, whose response to the question posed as to, how we should attach the luggage labels was quote-unquote “not his problem – he couldn’t help”! 20 minutes later, and a few gentle words with several members of staff (you should read our response as, ‘get it sorted’!), we were assured, well, kind of, that our bikes & bag will arrive at our destination….Porto, our next stop and where we start our trip.

Jacqueline & Paul 😄