Day 12: Cycle from Sagres to Lagos (then train to Faro)

Our last day’s cycle saw us leave Sagres with 8km mainly uphill, however we took the access local (bike path) route for most of it, to save cycling up the hard shoulder of the main route out of Sagres. What was particularly noticeable was the strong head wind the whole way, until we hit the turn off at Vale do Bispo, for Lagos. This made the first 8-10km tough and slow !

Not long after this we had a long steady uphill climb, followed by the rest of the journey on N125 being very up and down (and on what became a very busy road) into Lagos – which is why we’d decided to end our cycle there, and travel by train with our bikes and luggage to Faro (to avoid the busy main road).  

So after 22 miles, we arrived into Lagos in good time to buy water and find the railway station, and buy 2 single tickets to Faro – cost Euros 7.30 each and the journey took 1 hour, 50 minutes (see CP website for up to date timetable and fares).

There ended our 400 mile cycle journey which started 12 days earlier – leaving Porto for Lisbon, then Faro our final destination before a weeks R&R. 

We had a fabulous time, cycling to lots of places not travelled before. We still haven’t quite mastered the art of travelling light, but we’ve learnt a lot about what to pack and more importantly, what not to pack – and we know which places we’d like to go back to! 

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