Fuzeta (and a new restaurant, ‘Hamburgueria do Largo’)

Fuzeta is such a great place – its chilled, quiet, relaxed, unpretentious, and not overly touristy. We have been coming to Fuzeta for the last three years – we love it for all of the above.

We’re back again, this time we found a new place to eat. It’s called ‘Hamburgueria do Largo‘. What a fantastic find this was. It’s only been open since June and in a place where fish is everything and most tourists/locals flock to one of the roadside fish BBQ places to eat, it’s very brave to open a hamburger joint. But Hamburgueria do Largo offers an excellent menu serving a variety of burgers (meat, fish and vegetarian), served on the lightest brioche type bun, with a side portion of fries (regular or sweet potato), and a homemade green mayonnaise! (The mayonnaise is incredible).

We had the prawn burger and the vegetarian burger, one with regular fries the other with sweet potato fries – plus the mayonnaise. They were simply the best tasting burgers we’ve ever had; and the sweet potato fries are worth paying the extra Euro 1 for.  The dessert (or the full stop, as we like to call it) was also wonderful – a very light strawberry mousse, served in kilner jar. It was heavenly.

The venue itself is also very well put together and well decorated – it is classy, elegant, modern and clean (which for Fuseta is lovely). You can see into the kitchen area; and very important are the toilets, which were really clean (I like the Rituals hand wash)!

Lastly, the service from the staff was excellent who were very professional and knowledgeable.

We returned two days later for lunch – this time for chicken salad and sweet potato fries.  Again, a really good meal with good fresh ingredients. And, the soft fruit (detox) drink of orange, avocado, mango and cucumber was fabulous.

We would highly recommend this restaurant.  You won’t be disappointed.

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